Wednesday, January 30, 2013

In progress

 This week has been so hectic, I think I need to just stop and take a breath.  I can't believe it is only Wednesday.  Nandini is spending the week with my parents, so Avinash and I get a lot of quality time. And, I get a ton of extra time to work on projects and run errands. 
 Yesterday alone, I put together some Etsy orders, dropped Avi off at school, went to visit a friend, went to the post office, had uninterrupted phone calls, got Avi some ring pops, picked him up, did three layouts, made dinner, did laundry. Oh yes, and the tapestries and the draperies...  
Nevermind, that was Cinderella not me
I think he is starting to really miss his sister too.We have also been playing lots of games and reading books, but he talked to her lovey Bear for about an hour this afternoon after we got home from the zoo.

Here is some stuff I have in progress right now.

1.Working on a bunch of hybrid layouts for One Story Down.  Just too many fun goodies to choose from this week so I went a little overboard.

2. Making a mini book with Avinash. We painted a mini book from the Target Dollar spot with some leftover chalkboard paint. He has a lot of plans for the book, chalk, paint, stamp, pictures, using my glue runner all over the place.  And glitter. Lots of glitter.  I am so beyond excited to work on this with him.  Best idea ever.

3. Loving the stuff at the One King's Lane day of furniture event.  These wall hangings would be gorgeous for Nandini's room (if she ever gets one of her own), but I mostly have my eye on the storage furniture pieces.  I really want to get a sideboard, preferably in distressed turquoise to match my raskog, to fill up with albums.

4. Ali Edwards' Day in the Life is coming up tomorrow.  I think I'm going to play along.  Instead of doing PL inserts (inserts aren't really my thing), I think I may make a mini book and add pages every month.  Really excited about this idea. Anyone else playing along too?


  1. I'm really curious about the sneak that includes pi paper. (My son loves math.) I'll have to tune back in to see that full layout whenever it's up.

  2. HELLO!! I love this post so much, little snippets of life RIGHT NOW are always fun to read. Sounds like you got a lot done, YIPPEE!! Those sneek peaks look so YUMMY, can't wait to see them! Enjoy this special one on one with your son, GO GLITTER!! I am doing Day in the Life today too, love this idea and she's doing it monthly, YIPPEE!!

    Read your PL post below, simply AMAZING AND ADORABLE pictures of your kids. I always get happy reading your PL posts. Great job with it, so much love in here.

    Have a good week, slow down and enjoy the moment. Oh and yes, I miss those days of crayons, legos, matchbox cars being left all over the house too. So glad you captured that moment. HUGS!


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