Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Amazon Mom Prime Primer: Extreme Amazon Coupon Code for Diapers

 {If you have an awesome memory, you may remember a very very similar post from a few years ago.  I just found out about an amazing coupon for Amazon Mom, so I decided to share all the information on saving at Amazon again.}

Close friends of our just had a baby.  In fact, I know three (four? I can't keep track) couples who had babies this past month alone and several more with one on the way.
I was about to type my friend an email about my diaper strategy and I decided to just post it here.  For everyone. You're welcome.

First- Sign up for Amazon Mom.  It's free (for three months, after that you can pay for Amazon Prime) and gives you perks like free 2-day shipping.

Second - Choose the type with the most diapers per box.  For the same price, the sensitive and Swaddlers pampers come with about 50 to 100 less diapers.  Not worth it for a little extra 'softness.'
Baby dry is the best value in my experience.  My most recent order offered a coupon clip at the time I put the bow into my cart for an extra $1.50 off.

Pampers Baby Dry Size 1 Diapers Economy Pack Plus 276 Count
Baby Dry, Size 1, 276 count

Pampers Baby Dry Size 2 Diapers Economy Pack Plus 246 Count
Baby Dry, Size 2, 246 count

Pampers Baby Dry Size 3 Diapers Economy Pack Plus 222 Count
Baby Dry, Size 3, 222 count

Third - Click on the Subscribe&Save option when ordering.  It will save you an additional 20%.  You will have to choose to receive the same package of diapers in 2 weeks/1 month.  Do it, even if you aren't sure you want more diapers.  After the order ships (usually within 24 hours), go to your account, click on my subscriptions and cancel it.  There are no penalties and you keep your extra 20% off.

Fourth - Use the code BABYTIME when you are checking out.  This unfortunately only works for new Amazon Mom customers. But if you can find someone willing to share their credit card info you can sign up again with a different email address :) 
This code has now expired.  Sorry guys!  I will post again if another great coupon comes up.  But you can still get the 20% off.

You end up saving 20% off, plus $25 off, plus free shipping. 

The price goes from 47.19 (17c/diaper) to 37.75 (13c/diaper) to 12.75 (4c/diaper).  The boxes last about a month or two. Overall, I think it is a pretty good value.
I sometimes buy diapers from Target or Babies R Us using coupons, but I rarely have more than 5 dollars off, plus maybe an extra 1 or 2 off from pampers. Plus, the boxes I get there are smaller in size not to mention the fact that loading up the cart with diapers really prevents me from filling cart with essentials, like more stationery from Target :)

I have always used Pampers because my babies always seem to leak through the huggies samples I've tried.  And, don't use those newborn size diapers for too long.  Once the belly button falls off they are obsolete so you don't need many.  And, having a snug diaper only leads to more blowouts.  So, there's that. 

Another way to save is of course early potty training.  I have tried elimination communication training with Nandini a little bit, but have trouble being consistent, so we are way off accomplishing that.  Now she says delightful things like, "No, YOU go potty!" when I suggest she try it out.  She is nothing if not stubborn and contrary (I honestly have no idea where she gets that from) so I don't think that pushing is her is the right way to go.

Another way to get gift cards for Amazon is Swagbucks.  I have belonged for about a year, but have only recieved 15$ in gift cards.  I recently found a great site that offers daily tips on getting more swagbucks.  The numbers are climbing.

Let me know if there are any questions.  Happy Diapering!

(disclosure: affiliate links used.)

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