Monday, August 12, 2013

Around here.

 I am working on a makeover for this site.  New name, new domain, everything. So many little decisions to be made with no methodology behind them.  Just going with what feels right.
We finally got off the wait list for Avinash's preschool.  Technically it is not even a school, it is a 'child and family laboratory'.  We are super excited about this one.  It seems sort of a given it will be more open minded than our last preschool experience. I had a lot of fun on our adventures around Austin this summer but I am so needing a little more 'me' time when school starts.  Hopefully we can still keep up the friends we made here this summer. Playdates are fun but harder to do on a limited schedule.
Ryan and I actually did go out together this weekend. Double date to the totally 80s sing-a-long at Alamo Drafthouse.  I'm telling you, Austin has the best stuff to do.  We haven't even begun to check out the live music scene.
Ryan was so good and took the kids out so I could get some alone time again today.  I watched a Scandal marathon and worked on Project Life. It was wonderful and left me feeling so refreshed.  I actually had the urge to vacuum and put away laundry tonight. Trust me, it has been a really long while since I did either.
Afterwards we had a little family movie night. We all voted and Pete's Dragon won.  I absolutely love all the old mixed animation/real life Disney movies and I was so happy when I saw this DVD at Target the other day.  I'm just lucky my kids love it too.  Nandini's favorite scene is Pete and Elliot eating apples together.  I love how she can communicate more and more now.  All the excitement took place before the movie, however, when Ryan found a lizard crawling down his leg.  I think the poor little thing was more scared than we were (and possibly suffered a head injury) but it did seem to be still moving when he put it outside.
So, what was the weekend like for you? 

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