Thursday, September 4, 2014

First Day Of Kindergarten and Preschool.

 Luckily we had plenty of preparation for this day. Meetings with Nandini's teacher at home and at school. We already knew Avinash's teacher from summer camp.  His kindergarten is in the same place where preschool was, so there was no major transition. Still, this was a much anticipated day. Full of excitement and promise for great things to come.

We didn't do anything extreme but some pictures were definitely in order. And, any excuse to pull out my chalkboard. We told them our hopes and prayers the night before. Special outfits were donned in the morning.

A breakfast of dry cereal was eaten in the car (because the fridge was acting up and we had no potable milk).  A special lunch and special water bottle were packed.

 Nandini was too shy to go in first so we all dropped off Avinash together. He found his good friend Emme and held her hand like long lost pals.  It has maybe been two weeks since they saw each other.
Nandini didn't want to talk to anybody at first but was ready to do puzzles. She wanted us to stay with her but let us go without crying. She was still doing puzzles when I peeked in the window a bit later. 
 Nandini got a good report at pick up. I heard her tell her teacher she didn't want to go since she didn't get a chance to color yet. She also informed her that her water bottle was from Target.

I asked her to tell me about her favorite thing at school.  Definitely got a better response than the standard "how was school?".   Her answer? Puzzles. And learning scoottering outside. And talking to Miss Haley. She likes talking to Miss Haley because she is nice. This was a big relief for me since she was so bonded to her last teacher and wary of a new one.

We all went back to school two hours later to pick up Avinash. I peeked in on him at lunch time. Of course he ate his chocolate chip cookie first and was delighted to have the student teacher read the note Ryan put in. One of his friends tattled on him later to me about the cookie. Ha. 

We made borax crystals the night before and I let him bring one in. His friend G was dying to come over to our house and make some with us. C kept asking me what Avinash likes (as a secret) so he could plan something for a play date. I said pirate stuff. So now we apparently need to plan a treasure hunt play date soon. His other friend told me  she didn't know who she was going to marry yet at pick up. Seems like a very full day!

Avinash told me his favorite things on the way home. There were several. First one, starts with G and ends with D (go outside).  The next starts with R and ends with T (art).  Maybe he can learn some more about spelling this year?


  1. So fun. Glad everyone had a good first day!!

  2. Ahh, the fun adventures of the first day. I like Target water bottles too. :)


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