Wednesday, September 3, 2014

These three.


Seven months old today. 

Has started crawling. 

Had his first two teeth pop out. 

Loves to chew on anything he can find. Bits of paper, fingers, toys.  Spoons are his favorite. 

Such a good snuggler. I love to watch him nap with Nana. 

Has started eating a solids a little bit. He mostly just chews on chunks of watermelon or something. He seems to like soup and had dal with Nana. 

 Loves to explore the house searching for things to put in his mouth.  He will also play with yarn like a little cat. 

Always wants to be in the center of action with his kids. If they are in the playroom, he needs to be in there too. Having them back home is such a big deal for him. 


Avinash's constant shadow. 

Still not 100% sure about the baby. Until recently she thought "he needs to go back to his doctor home" (ie, the hospital). Thankfully we were able to convince her that we should keep him. 

Is getting much stronger after her ballet class and working on her tricycle with Nani. 

Can be either princess Gudiya or super Gudiya depending on the time of day. I think she's always a bit of both. 


Has so much imagination. 

Can play car games with Nandini all day long. 

Dotes on his baby brother. And gets plenty of admiration in return. 

Loves treasure and adventure. I think he may be a pirate. He draws out maps, picks up all shiny rocks he finds and has at least five hiding places around the house. 

Starts kindergarten tomorrow and I'm so not ready but I'm trying to be. 

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