Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cupid Arrow Valentine's Cards

I am so glad we finally finished Avinash's class Valentine's.  Of course, we had to make them instead of buy them.  My craft stash is just way too big not to.  Plus, Avinash loves doing projects together with a passion and it has been a while since I made time for us to do one together.  

Nandini helped too. She would stamp something on a tag, run to the couch, lay down for five seconds and come running back.  And repeat.  She made her best friend Katie a card over and over again and none for anyone else in her class. 

Avinash and I spent a long time brainstorming about what type of cards to make.  I made a few paper berry baskets.  We thought about paper airplanes and paper prize medallions but the ideas never really came together.  On a whim I grabbed a bunch of stirrer sticks from Starbucks on our last Target run.  

I just love the ideas of arrows (as you can see in Avinash's birthday party decorations this year) and realized I could easily tie it into Valentine's Day.

I have a ton of leftover feathers from a custom Etsy order I made a while back.  The kids love to play with them and these feathers somehow find their way all over the house.  So, basically I jump at any chance to use them up.

The making was pretty simple.  I used twine to tie the feathers on the craft sticks.  The heart stickers for the arrowheads are from a target pack.  Avinash and I cut up scrapbook paper into hearts and I stapled the arrows in place.  We made mostly red and pink ones, but he wanted some blues for the pink haters in his class too.

I am loving how these turned out!  We taped a little package of gummi bears to the back.  We did non-candy last year and I figure it's our turn to hand out the stickiness.  One of the mom's in class loves to ask me if I get my ideas from Pinterest.  I kind of want to tell her, "No, pinterest gets it's ideas from me."  Lol.  Honestly, there are a lot of mom things that I am behind on, but I embrace the stuff I have fun doing and just run with it.

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