Sunday, February 8, 2015

Valentine's Day Tags

We actually have a free day at home tomorrow.  No amazing Austin outdoor festival to check out.  No birthday parties.  I got all my Valentine's day papers and stamps and dies and spread them out on the floor of my craft room a few weeks ago.  I am really hoping to sit down with the kids tomorrow and make some cards together. They love doing projects together and so do I.  

I was looking around for inspiration and found these tags we made last year.  

Red + pink stamped tags.  I pasted a family photo on a folded piece of patterned paper, so that it stands up like a frame.  

We made more tags for his class Valentine's party, with bubble wands tied on. I was knew there would be a ton of candy there, so I went for the less sugary but still fun option I think.  Avinash helped me with the stamping and added his coloring as well.  

These are the cards we made.  I still love that little fox.  This year I am thinking prize medallions, paper airplanes or robots maybe?


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