Saturday, March 14, 2015

Around here // March 2015

1// We have a newly ambulatory member of the family.  He was so proud of himself for walking.

We are too. 

This has been a big week for him.  He has been talking a lot and lifted his life long ban on the word Mama.  Yay! No one is more excited about that than I am.  And, I'm sure Dada appreciates the break.

He also got a four week reprieve from weight checks by the pediatrician for all his recent weight gain.  Go Lakshman go!

2// Getting ready for our little girl's Pi Day birthday.

This year is a big one because when "I turn four, I gonna be a baby again."

I wonder if she's trying to tell us something with this?  The psychology at work is quite the mystery.

3// Enjoying the emergence of the sun.  I am so ready for spring.  I live in Texas now, I don't do winters anymore!  Bring on the flowers and days at the park. Our garden is pretty much planted, but I still love our regular trips to Natural Gardner in our neighborhood.

4// Looking at Anthro's new Indian-inspired line and trying to figure out why the marketing irritates me so much.  The fact that all, save one, of the Indian people are used as photo props, and not protrayed as equals doesn't help. I seem to be getting offended by everything these days.  Don't even get me started on the last episode of the Mindy Project.  Hindus are 'Godless" now?  Nice one Stephen Colbert.

5 // We already broke out the eggs after a recent trip to Target.  For $3 you can buy white craft eggs, to dye and decorate.  These are worth their weight in gold.  Not having to poke holes and wait for all the goop to drip out and then trying to puncture the yolk.  Or worse, hard boiling them and finding a nice pungent little surprise in the most random places around the house.  And, half of them break while dying anyway.

These are sturdy and not plastic.  We dyed them but the result wasn't fantastic.  We are going to paint them next.  I kind of want to make these galaxy eggs really badly.

6 // I feel like the everyone is descending on Austin this week for SXSW.  I am at least equal parts excited and scared.  The traffic is horrific and FOMO is palpable.  Hoping to find at least one fun free concert to take the kids to.


  1. Love reading your thoughts. Point #4 kind of cracked me up. :D We are visiting US in few days and how I wish I could come to Texas to meet you, it's like I have known you forever - sorry if that sounds creepy.

    Love to all

  2. I'm so ready for spring too! Beautiful pictures, looks like things have been lovely down there! :)

  3. Congrats on your little one lifting his ban on "mama" and his weight gain! Keep on venting, we all need to do so at times. :)

  4. Great pictures, I'm loving the one with your sweet girl in her tutu!!


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