Monday, March 2, 2015

Lakshman, you are one!

 Lakshman, you are one year old!  We can hardly believe how much you have changed and grown!

I think you were getting a cold on the actual day of your birthday.  We stayed home, other than your year one check up.  We played with your animals and I took lots of pictures in the playroom.  Definitely one of your spots in the house.  If you only knew how to climb down the stairs safely we would let you hang out there all the time .

You are the happiest, sweetest and most friendly baby I have ever seen.  Your capacity for joy is enormous.  Either when bouncing in his swing or playing ball with his kids, I have never seen joy and laughter like yours before. You have made friends with at least half the kids in Avinash's kindergarten class.  You play with them so much you have started to recognize them.  And you jump out of my arms when you do so you don't miss out.  You love to poke and prod your friends until they laugh right along with you.

You have a fuzzy head and love to snuggle.  You have only grown more bear like as you grow older much to our delight.

 The year has not been with out it's ups and downs though.  You got the flu at the beginning of the year and our pediatrician started to really panic about your lack of weight gain there after.  You are teeny tiny and we are still playing catch up (You wouldn't even eat your birthday cake, or taste it and mama cried).  A few days after your one year check up the doctor was ready to put you in the hospital.  We managed to hold off on this because you gained a few ounces that week but weekly doctor and therapy visits have become the norm.  We have finally started making progress, but it is slow and steady at best.

Things have been stressful but you have it doesn't seem to have affected you in the slightest thankfully.  We have changed up your diet to include lots more fat and it is helping.

The day before your birthday you were definitely in better spirits than the actual day of.  We went to the botanical garden and soaked in the sunshine.  It was the day of the superbowl, just like the day you were born.

Last year we watched from the hospital right after you were born.  My eyes never even looked at the screen.  My family was there, helping me and helping with the kids.  The very first my mom said after you were born was "He is one lucky baby" thus naming you and anointing you. My best friend, who normally lives over a thousand miles away, miraculously showed up at the hospital too, just in time to meet him on his birthday.

One year later, the day was much less exhausting and thrilling but I am reminded of how we are the lucky ones and how much he has added to our lives.

We are so proud of you and love you so much! Happy Birthday (and one month) Lakshman bear!


  1. Happy brithday Laxman! Stay blessed darling kiddo! xox

  2. Happy Birthday to you little guy! I can't believe he is 1! He is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  3. So sweet!! Happy Birthday to your little guy!!!

  4. I can't believe it's been a year already! Happy Birthday, Lucky!! He is such a cutie. I really love the amazing joy of the third baby.

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