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Day in the Life | May 12, 2015

7 am // The baby is up and thus so am I.  Ryan feeds him his yogurt and I try to catch up on sleep for a few more minutes.  Nandini crawled into bed with me in the middle of the night and she kicks.  It doesn't last long though and pretty soon I am up getting ready.

8 am // Lakshman was playing in the living room but he wanders back into my room and is asking to be picked up.  We snuggle and he falls back asleep.

9 am // Nandini is hungry and I make both us some cereal.   Ryan heads out to work pretty early.  Avinash wants to make a dinosaur book with me but he only does two pages before he wants to look at another book.  It is the second day of summer break and I am not interested in pressing the issue.

10 am // The kids are playing upstairs and reading books.  I start putting together a scrapbook page taking advantage of this rare long morning nap. It's been a while since I scrapped anything and it feels really good to be doing this again.

12 pm // Ryan calls to see if we want to meet him for lunch.  Lakshman wakes up and sits down to eat some cheerios with his uncle and the kids. He has another yogurt which is great because it means we are on track for three in one day. I'm so grateful for his affinity to Anuj.  I think he is really tired of us pushing food on him anyway.

1 pm // We head downtown in through the rain to Counter Cafe.  It's totally crowded like always but we get one table and some seats at the counter and all manage to fit.

2 pm // I drop everyone off at home.  Stop by the post office box to put in a bunch of scrapbooking packages I sold the night before.

3 pm // I head to the doctors office for a checkup.  Nothing serious. It takes almost twenty minutes for them to figure out my insurance and less than five minutes for the doctor to actually talk to me.  I have to get blood drawn as well.

4 pm // Back home and I get a big kiss from Lakshman.  I head upstairs with him and the kids to play but he is ready to nap again and I lay down with him.  He falls asleep very quickly.  This kinda has the side effect of taking all my energy out.

5 pm // The kids are still playing upstairs.  Octonauts and spinner toys.  They are also cutting out shapes from construction paper.  Nandini is totally impressed by Avinash's knowledge and skills.

6 pm // I get some dinner started and put rice in the rice cooker and some lentils on the stove. We all head out to take a walk because the rain has finally, almost stopped but a light trickle doesn't bother us.  Lakshman has a couple apple slices and I give him a few more to munch on in the stroller. Ryan gets home just as we head down the driveway and he joins us.

7 pm // We get home and the rice is fine but the lentils accidentally burned.  I make chickpeas instead with avocado cream on the side.  Ryan takes the  kids upstairs for baths.

8 pm // We finally eat. Lakshman throws all his food on the floor.  Nandini asks for a roti and makes a taco of her food.  Despite the last minute effort it is really delicious.

9 pm // Ryan takes two of the kids out for groceries.  Avinash and I stay home and watch 'our show' (Once Upon a Time).  It's pretty nice to hang out alone together. When Ryan gets back Lakshman jumps in my arms again.  He sees a big stuffed monkey Avi was holding and begins laughing, rolling around and asking for the 'ball' to hold.  He then grabs the monkeys face and gives it a big kiss.  Ryan puts him to sleep in his crib while I enlist everyone's help tidying up before bed.  Nandini puts away the blocks and Avinash very slowly cleans up legos. Then it's off to bed and one chapter of Lemony Snickets (again read by Ryan).  Phew. Why is bedtime always so busy?

All my photos today are iPhone and edited with VSCOcam app again.  I still love that app.  I didn't take anything much after the sun set.  My phone just doesn't do a good job in low light and neither does my camera really.  I am happy to have the words down.

It is always a fun exercise to stop and reflect on life in a one day chunk once in a while.    Looking back is even more fun.  (Here are my previous posts on Day in the Life.)  To see much Lucky has changed.  To see our new house really becoming a home.  To see how we still play a lot on the floor and still take evening walks.  Lakshman got his feeding tube officially out last week and just started feeding therapy on Monday.  We are so pleased with his progress.

Day in the life is a fun little photo taking and scrapbooking exercise I have done for a few years now, playing along with Ali Edwards.  Not exactly sure how I'll scrap the photos this year.  I often do a mini book.  They are great to slip into a project life insert as well.

How was your day?


  1. Beautifully documented! As usual I forgot. I'm going to try and do a make up on Friday. Crossing fingers that I don't forget this time!

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