Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Around Here | June 2015

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Slowly getting out of the Disney fog.  Nandini asks when we are going back almost daily, with the one notable exception of water day at camp.
"We can go to Di-ney World the next day after water day, ok Mommy?"

Already scrapping about it of course, but not getting enough time as I want to get all these memories down.  It is so much easier when they are fresh!

Going to the movies. I may have cried for over half of it, but it was so good.  Nandini asked for her "movie dress", like dressing up in character is now a given everywhere we go.  I dressed her up like Mindy Kaling's character "disgust" of course.  Avinash was anger in red.

Lakshman was sporting the bow tie like Fear.  People just assumed we wanted to dress up him in formal attire all day. Which makes sense because he's a very formal baby.

Feeling a little better about him.  I can't thank everyone enough for all their kind words here and on facebook after my last post.  Your support means so much!!

Attempting to get out of my yoga pants and T-shirts rut with a ten pieces in ten days type challenge.  Will post about that soon. It's been kind of a success I think.

Going swimming about once a week.  There are so many great pools around Austin.  I love this one because of the huge kiddie pool.  It's great for all of my kids, even the little guy.

Loving Tea's India collection.  I have been stalking it for months and was so excited to see it go on sale finally.  I may have gone a little crazy after that. Check out the sale here: Tea Collection's Summer Sale, 50% off 

Reading all the books.  When we are not at home reading and re-reading The Little Red Caboose, we are out at Book People finding new favorites.

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