Thursday, July 28, 2016

Currently // July 2016, Pokemon Go Edition

Like much of the world Pokemon Go has taken over our lives.  It was launched on July 6 and the kids had me download it by the 7th.  I normally do not go for video games, especially on my phone, but this hooked me right away.  Playing Pokemon Go together was basically our entire month.  I'm so glad I didn't sign them up for too many camps! 

Exploring tons of new parks around Austin.  The Vulpix have the right idea hanging out around the Fairy Tale House at Katherien Fleishcher park.  And I got enough to evolve a Ninetales. 

Reading together side by side in the little house when the wildflower center had a free day for Lady Bird Johnson Day.

Tackling some pretty amazing waterslides at Milburn park while out hunting for Dratinis.  Still looking for that Dragonite though.

Taking in all the magic of Deep Eddy Pool.  The cold spring water feels nothing short of miraculous in our 100-degree Texas heat.

Making new friends before Kindergarten starts.

Waving the flag and being very patriotic just generally.

Finding squirtle at the Capitol.  Hanging out by the water of course.

Painting Pikachu noses and cheeks on ourselves with red stamps found in party favor bags (thanks guys!).

Catching our favorite of all, Pikachu!!  Lakshman talks about him endlessly and so excited for this picture.  He carries his Pikachu doll from his birthday around with him everywhere now. 

Lakshman and I are currently in Dallas for a month long inpatient feeding therapy program.  We are super lucky to have one of these programs within driving distance.

We knew we were going to miss everyone while we are away so it was a good thing we kept very busy before going!

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