Friday, October 6, 2017

Memory Keeping: Cocoa Daisy October Projects

Sometimes I look back through my blog and find the most amazing gifts to myself.  Last year I wrote what felt like a long random and rambling account of our trick or treating experience.  

Re-reading it now I see a beautiful snapshot of our family and the kids at their ages.  Behavior that probably felt every day and normal, now stand out as precious to that age.  Lakshman still more baby than toddler, Nandini a sweet little girl and Avinash testing his independence at every turn.  

I thought I would maybe edit the long post, but I ended up keeping it all.  I copy and pasted the whole post and formatted it for a page.  

I made my own embellishments by cutting patterned paper and cardstock to make leaves.  I crimped them or added a deep crease down the middle.  You know I love to add dimension when I can.  

The ombre blue and brown ribbon in the kit was the perfect color match for the papers I had.  Love how the yellow and oranges in the photos complement the embellishments so well.  The October "Comfy Cozy" Memory Keeping Kits are just that.

For this Pocket Memory Keeping Page I was lucky to find a very good story already recorded for me.  This time on Instagram.  

I remember this day, I remember how fun it was.  But I definitely don't remember half the details I had already written down.  

This time I used the mark up feature on my phone to add text directly over a photo.  I printed a text free photo as well and placed it underneath.  I added a little succulent tag to the top photo so people will know to flip it up if they want to get a better look at me and Lakshman on the train together. Lol. 

I am so glad I had that story available and now it is recorded somewhere other than the computer. 

And I had to include a picture of the rainbow succulent box I put together.  All the lovely succulent cards and embellishments were just too perfect for it.  

I made one more Pocket Memory Keeping page. I always take so many pictures on Halloween that it helps me to have a place to put them all together.  

I loved how the oranges worked really nicely with the teal accented cards.  I fussy cut some of pumpkins off one card and popped them up on a new card.  

The stamps this month are an awesome alpha and numbers set.  I cut out a leaf and crimped it to create a backdrop for my stamped date card. 

I also took some inspiration from the pocket memory cards.  I loved those stacked pumpkins in planters!  

Luckily, the mini pumpkins at Trader Joe's are less than a dollar so I bought a whole bunch and got busy stacking. Nandini loved the pumpkin snowmen.   I'm just in awe that any of my flowers have lived this long.  

Thanks again for checking out my projects this month! 
Go to the Cocoa Daisy page to shop for the full kit and see the rest of the designs.  

You can see all of my Cocoa Daisy Projects here

Remember, social media can be a great way to record your story and an awesome resource for your scrapbooking layouts.  Happy creating this festive season! 

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