Monday, October 2, 2017

We are all mad here | The Mad Tea Party with Alice

 Sometimes Disney World offers you up a serving of magic so amazing that it completely floors you.  Everyday is full of wonder and joy but this experience totally blew us away.

Nandini was dressed in her fancy blue dress with a white sash, and a furry cat wrapped around her neck while we waited in line to meet Alice.  When she walked up the path she asked the her to actually ride the tea cups with her!

Nandini, our shy and quiet girl, shocked us and went willingly on the ride. Alice asked Avinash and Lakshman to come along too. Avinash of course wanted to join and even little Lakshman needed almost no reassuring.

The cast members were so sweet about it and happy for the kids.  One of the character guides, told me she had seen Nandini and then sent a message down the rabbit hole about her for Alice.  One of the ride attendants all the way at Winnie the Pooh even asked us about it later.

This trip was all about Alice in Wonderland.  We had tea at the Grand Floridian.  

We even ran into the Mad Hatter.  

And he mocked me.  

"That is not a hat!" 

I have a lot of fun hats that I wear to Disney World, but somehow at this time I had a towel on my head.  In my defense it was super hot out. 

Case in point.  

Alice thought I made it myself.  

I'm glad that I project craftiness wherever I go. I got it at the Magic Kingdom years ago and sadly they no longer make any hats of this kind. 

We went back to see Alice on a different too.  Lakshman and I went to see her first thing in the morning.  Then we came back with all the kids because she was so funny and sweet.  

She loved Avinash's March Hare Disneybound.  She was a little worried about his lack of ears and plucked those two leaves from the garden and gave it to him.  He carried them around proudly all day.  

As we left, she called out to him, "So lovely to see you March Hare! And such a treat to see you in August, not even in March." 

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  1. How fun!!!!! This is the type of special magic that Disney provides better than anyplace else. You got lots of great pictures.


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