Sunday, April 1, 2018

Trader Joe's Egg Hunt

 In my infinite coolness, the egg hunt I was most excited about this year was the one at Trader Joe's.  It is the only grocery store that I literally feel happy to visit.  They have the best stuff.  So of course the egg hunt there is going to be fun. 
But first, we have to get a little extra egg hunt fuel.  Lakshman has been trying to convince me that ice cream is a lunch.  So why not breakfast too? He asked if we could go an ice cream hunt when we get to Trader Joe's on the way there.  I am so glad that he and I are on the same wavelength.  We finish the box of tiny ice cream cones pretty quickly while we wait for the chance to find more candy.


It felt like there was no one else coming when we first got there, but the crowd built up quickly. 

 Lakshman would not get pulled into the fray.  He learned yesterday at the Capitol egg hunt that going fast would make him "lose his speed", so slow and steady was his strategy today.  Plus, he only wanted green eggs.  And each egg was shaken and inspected before being put inside his basket.

We searched the store high and low for one of those golden eggs, but we did not find it.  We did find more ice cream cones though. 

Hope you are having a fun and happy holiday weekend! We are off to play cascarones in the backyard.

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