Monday, April 17, 2017

Capitol Easter Egg Hunt and Cascarones

The Austin Capitol Easter Egg Hunt is a favorite annual tradition for our family.  We went here again this year for the second time in a row.  The kids remembered the Egg Roll, the Sack Races and the great big Egg Hunt.  

The Egg Hunts are staggered by age so Nandini got to hunt before the boys.  And she didn't want to share.  Look at that side eye.  

Finally got an egg.  A green gecko egg.  And he is all smugness now.  

 How the five of us get in a picture together.

I found the pleated collar alluring but I was taken aback by the flutter of godets. 

 Winner of the second grade egg roll group!  He had a strategy and he didn't cheat.  I told him I liked his hustle.  He fell behind several times but he kept going.  Lakshman declared that he wanted to hustle too but he's too young for the egg roll.

A kind volunteer took a picture of us all together.  So many people wanted to take one of the kids' pictures all day.  Especially Lakshman with that suit jacket and bunny ears. 

He was excited about being Boss Baby Bunny.  He went to the movies with Nana and Nani the night before and he was a big fan of Boss Baby. 

At home the next day we had a Cascarones fight in our own backyard.  Cascarones are confetti-filled eggs.  You throw them on your family and the confetti flies all over them.  They are a big tradition in Mexico and people play them all over Texas too.  

Lakshman was so excited when we bought them but he wasn't that into throwing the eggs at people.  I thought he would love it, but he kind of just retreated back inside after a finding a few eggs and grabbing a handful of starbursts from inside them. 

Hope you guys had a fun and relaxing holiday weekend.  What are some of your favorite traditions? 

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