Friday, March 27, 2009

Baby Stellan, heart woes.

I have been following MckMama on her blog for a few months. Our sons are both October 2008 babies and I am enthralled by her writing. After putting up a regular Not Me, Monday post, I was shocked to find out that her littlest baby was put in the hospital for SVT (again). I can't even begin to know what she is going through as a mother right now. As a doctor, I have of course seen babies in the hospital before but it is gripping to read about it so intimately from the other side. I see miracles happen in patients all the time, and I don't even necessarily think that it is outside of the realm of medical possibility for Stellan to get better anyway, but we are all praying for this sweet little baby. Just looking at his pictures amazes me. I can't believe that a baby with such a dangerous heart rhythm looks so, well, normal.

I feel in my heart that this sweet little baby is going to be okay.

Reminds me of my smiling little boy.

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  1. hello and merry xmas to every one - hope yous had a realy nice one - doing the rounds and back from parents 12lbs heavier a`hhh , all the best for new year -


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