Saturday, March 28, 2009

Museum Ke Andar Phas gaya Sikandar Avinash

I had a glorious half day off of work today. After a half-hour turned two hour nap we set off for the museums. It was a bit chilly in the morning, but by the afternoon it was perfect weather. There is something about perfect weather that fills my heart with joy, it was almost too perfect, too fleeting. Almost like I couldn't tell when I would have the chance to be this happy again...

We were going to see the IMAX Sharks in 3-D, but luckily the last of the day was sold out. We strolled through the park, sat down in the rose garden so Avi could eat his mashed bananas lunch while we took in the perfumed air. Then we decided to check out the Children's Museum even though we were under whelmed last time. The baby play area didn't seem to be in the same place, but we wandered into something else. The whole museum was re-done!

Ryan and I may have each had a turn climbing up the Tower of Power, climbing the rock wall, and playing light square dodgeball. There are times when we can pass off doing kiddy activities because we have Avinash with us. Didn't really work this time, since he was too little for almost all of the things. It was still pretty awesome though.

I could barely make it more than half way across.

Avi did well though! I really can't wait until Avi is old enough to climb all over the place with us!

We did eventually find the tot play area. It is absolutely gorgeous now. It used to be a musty corner with baby toys thrown all over the place. Not exactly the most enthralling thing. Now is in it's own space on the second floor with big windows, light and airy.

First we set Avi in one of the little tunnels.

He crawled right out- backwards of course!

Ryan took him down the slide a few times...
the landing was a bit scary though.

The beautiful giant lite brite toy installed on one wall went a little better though.

Avinash was entranced by it!

And, he had one main objective...

despite all of his Dad's best efforts,

to taste each piece!

He must have played with the lite brite for at least twenty minutes (that's a long time for a five month old!), exploring all the pieces and different colors. I had thought it was just a beautiful installation, but didn't realize that he would be able to play with it so well. I was pleasantly surprised with how much Avinash was able to get out of the Children’s Museum already.

We stopped by Discovery Green afterwards to get some Sweet potato fries and check out the playground. It was so beautiful to eat outside that it almost reminded me of Shake Shack in Madison Square Park.

Look who's a pro at the slide now?

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