Saturday, March 21, 2009

Not Me, again.

Ok, so I am going to attempt another Not Me! post in imitation of my most favorite MckMama and her blog, MyCharmingKids.

First, I am NOT about to work 28 fourteen-hour days in a row (at least), nope, not me! Also, I am NOT already exhausted by this, even though I am only one week in. Nope, no big deal. All of my limbs do not feel like they are about to fall off. To help matters I most certainly did not watch at least half a season of The Wire with my husband over the past few days. Because, you know, a gritty expletive and violence filled drama about Baltimore, is the perfect thing to keep my mind peaceful and calm. Especially since I have been to Baltimore many times, including a few scary bus trips, including a side line view to some interesting car chases. Plus, there was that summer Rachel and I DID NOT in Prince George's county in Maryland. We never saw helicopters with floodlights circling our apartment complex while searching for escaped convicts. These recollections are not making me all jumpy either. On the other hand, I do kind of relish the street cred Rachel and I got from our apartment in the outskirts of DC. Much worse than anywhere else I've ever lived. Including, to wit, Brooklyn, North Philadelphia, and Harlem, or ahem Central Park North as some people like to call it.

I did NOT consider myself insanely lucky this Saturday after getting out of work an hour early. We did not rush to the park in order to spend some rain-free time there. Especially since last weekend, which was NOT my only weekend off all month, it did NOT rain the entire weekend. We, of course, did not still try to go the park many times. And, we didn't bring a bunch a costumes with us so that we could take pictures of Avinash for the month of March.

In like a lion...

out like a lamb.

Ok, seriously.

He is the cutest baby ever.

And all my troubles melt away.

I love this baby and I love my little family.

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