Friday, November 27, 2009

Avinash's Mundan

or, a One-year-old's Guide to Accidental Wedding Crashing

Anything for ladoos, right?

I'm chewing pan and trying not to laugh.

Well, we decided to take Avinash to the Saumyasaki Mandar so that we could have an aarti for his mundan samskar.

We did aarti there, Avi even got to ring the bell during the puja.

Turns out, the pundit won't actually shave hair at the temple there.

There was a wedding taking place there though, we even ran into some of Anuj's friends from Dallas.

We were planning on having Indian food for dinner anyway, and the people did say there was more than enough food to go around. So....

Did we intend on having Avinash's Mundan aarti be an elaborate catered affair? May-be not, but it sure turned out well!

Funny thing is, we had talked about maybe going to this wedding earlier in the weekend and had decided against it. Since we didn't, you know, actually know the bride or groom.

When we got home, Anuj shaved Avinash while we listened to Ganga-mata ki aarti.
We laughed and cried, well one of us cried.

Until he got his mohawk.

Clean shaven at last.

Praise, baby!

While posing for pictures, Anuj and I found Ryan's silly faces a lot funnier than the baby did.

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  1. how do we make avinash with hair look like less of a crazy person (ie his passport photo)?


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