Friday, November 13, 2009


The wolf pup hoodie is mine!

Well, technically it is Avinash's, but I have a feeling that we are going to enjoy a lot more than he will. I may need to sew a tail onto it.

The afternoon was crazy, as usual. Three cases going at one time and a huge list of consults. Plus, constant phone calls from a doctor at the rehab center who wanted us to see someone with 'facial swelling.' Tons of drama. Late arrival of the night-shift relief. I thought I would never get out of there.

But I did!

And we went all the way to Sugarland, mishap free!!

Mango lassi, yum.

It feels good to have the entire weekend to look forward to.

Done is good!!

And, I can't wait to get more scrapbooking done.

Here are two of my new favorite layouts:

The pictures from our Central Market "photo session" turned out great. And I even used some actual 'scraps' from a gymboree flyer.

I especially love this red foam sticker I created myself to match the sticker on his shirt. I find it so funny how he looks uncomfortable/borderline upset in half of the pictures because he hated wearing that hat.

This one is all about Avinash's triumphant smash cake moment. I really was worried that he wouldn't get into the whole thing or would create a huge havoc. Instead he was just really intent on eating and totally focused on the cake until we took it away from him.

Lately I have loved each layout a little more than the last.

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