Saturday, February 6, 2010

We have a 100$ gift certificate to Janie and Jack and more in gift cards to Banana Republic from our AmEx rewards. We finished off the Janie and Jack gift card in one go and then some.

{But this cute look was worth it}

At Banana I could only find one half decent thing to buy. Luckily, we found out that Stella McCartney is coming out with another line for BabyGap. And, since we missed our opportunity to buy her awesome rocker jacket last time, we don't want to miss out on the chance to get Avinash some cool clothes.

Especially since he may not appreciate being dressed up like a preppy whale watcher when he gets older...

We were hanging out at our favorite furniture store, Ndao. Tons of real wood furniture (crazy I know -- but we are sick of west elm and Ikea plywood and particle board).

This is our new bookshelf. It has carved sides with gorgeous turqouise accents. It is still sitting in the store window because it is awaiting a home.

Our new place search continued on today. We looked at the Amalfi two bedroom loft again today, but I still can't decide. The living room seems smaller, but the location is way better. And we would be so close to our friends Garima and Sameer. We found another place online which is a condo rental. This place has hardwood floors, more square footage but one less room.

We had another great dinner at home tonight. I am on a pretty good streak if I do say so myself. First portabello sliders with carmelized onions and tomato sauce on brioche buns last night for dinner, then brioche french toast with carmelized bananas and walnuts and now roasted baby squash with chickpeas. So scrumptious. Possibly the best thing of all is that Avinash loved all of it, and has gained over 2 pounds!

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