Saturday, May 22, 2010

Busy Saturday

or, eating bubbles at the Opera

I totalled my car on Tuesday. Not that stress has been getting to me or anything lately. It's funny how this stuff seems to pile up? Of course we had five (!) cases Wednesday, I had a late meeting Thursday an hour away and was on call Friday night. Needless to say I needed a break today. Thankfully my Dad came down Wednesday night after my accident. It is such a relief to feel so much love and support from my parents all the time, I don't know how we would get by otherwise.

Avinash was a little ham at his beast's little gym class today. He kept running to the center of the room while everyone was taking turns demonstrating forward rolls. And, when it finally was his turn he froze in his tracks and sort of slumped over. Great. (ha!)

My dad tried to sit right outside the room, but Avinash saw him through the window and made him come inside. He was delighted when he got to play with Nanaji!!

We went to T'afia for some farmer's market and breakfast before Ryan has to catch his flight. I was so tired when we got home, I literally don't remember anything until Avinash was poking me in the face and laughing about four hours later. Apparently Ryan had tried to wake me up and say goodbye to me before he left for the airport but with no success.

After that I couldn't very well stay asleep much longer. Avinash was so excited to have me wake up! I love it, seeing his big excited smile which he knows he can use to get away with anything. We all went out to central market to restock supplies, where I gave Avinash a 'coffee' sample cup of cream that he dumped all over the floor after two sips.

Tonight was also the annual Miller Outdoor Theatre Opera production. This year they performed Tosca. I am an Opera neophyte, but I loved it. We had seen them rehearsing there on Tuesday so it was cool to see it again for real, this time with subtitles. The story was new to me, and so soo good.

I had so much fun just being outside, hanging out. We all hung out on the grass hill behind the seats and ate cherries. I brought bubbles for Avinash to play with. It started out like this.

And ended up like this.

Apparently the taste of bubble fluid is not rancid like I thought.

Avinash was singing to himself the whole way home. We decided to sit and do aarthi with him. Well, once we sat down in front of the puja he demanded the kumkum, which he then dotted all over his face and ours. My Dad's power to keep him calm amazes me. I tried to take the red powder away from him and he started bawling, then my dad tried and he was happy as a clam. I am in awe of their bond, just total awe.

Anyway, that is all for now. Just missing Ryan while he is away on his 24 hr trip to Boston for Amanda's graduation. I think he is spending as much time traveling as he is spending actually in Boston, oy.

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