Sunday, May 16, 2010

RDG + Bar Annie Brunch

Our brunch experience at Bar Annie was at once terrible and great. I was at work all morning, but we still somehow managed to make our 12.15 reservation there on time, and with a clean and dressed baby in tow!

The highs
We decided to sit outside and let Avinash explore the patio.

Avinash making friends with a little french girl, the two of them ran around the patio. They probably have no languages in common, but they seemed to have no problem communicating. Pointing, incomprehensible syllables, hand holding and hair touching seems to work just fine.

Best of all, Avinash was entertained the entire meal and only knocked over one little jug of creamer.

Delicious red chile egg enchiladas, even Avinash liked them!

The lows
Did not get any photos of Avi's little girl friend. How will he ever remember her?

Sending back microwave reheated (probably) beignets, twice. Ryan even went so far as to call the manager over. We then had to argue with the manager about it, am I crazy or are beignets and doughnuts never cold in the middle!?!?

Despite the consternation, any brunch when Avinash eats and plays is a huge success in my mind. We will probably be crossing Bar Annie off of our list of go to places though. Next on our list though is the empanada house on Montrose.

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