Monday, November 22, 2010

Week 23 Pregnancy Symptoms

I always find these What to Expect symptoms lists for pregnancy so funny to look at and compare.  Here is where I supposedly am now.

Week 23 Pregnancy Symptoms

Fetal activity: A definite yes on this one.  It is just so reassuring to feel the baby kick and twirl around all the time.
Hearty appetite: Hmm...I gave up on the 'no eating past 9pm' rule long ago.  Ryan has had to drive to taco bell at least twice in the last week, after a full dinner, with an order so large he had to write it all down to remember it.  I just finished a plate of grapes and am about to have tater tots with cheese whiz (hey! I guess I'm like a Philly girl in some ways; I also like it on toast with jam and party mix even when I'm not pregnant).
Bloating: I now look like a small car, so yes.
Forgetfulness:   Umm, I think I have been but I honestly can't remember?
Snoring:  Luckily I have no idea since I always kick Ryan out of bed first for snoring.

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