Friday, November 12, 2010

feels like christmas!!

And not because of the fact that it is only a balmy 65 degrees outside today and I actually wore a sweater.  Granted it was short sleeves and I kind of regretted it after an hour and I paired it with flip flops. 


I am waiting to open a very important package tonight!  I had my 20-week ultrasound today and everything looks great.  We decided to have the tech write down the gender of the baby and put it in an envelope so we could figure out how we wanted to find out.  If at all.  

So, I decided to take the envelope to Janie and Jack and have them gift wrap a girl or boy layette outfit and then wrap it up without telling me.  When Ryan gets home we are going to open it up together. 

We have decided to keep it a secret just between the two of us though, sorry!

The baby was so amazing to watch during the ultrasound.  The little one is already sucking its thumb.

Just another profile shot.  We even saw the baby stick its tongue out!

I love the little feet too. 

This is a little crafy-moment I had last night because I couldn't get over my excitement about the ultrasound today.  I also love ee cummings so I thought it fit. 


Avinash looked so cute when he came over to see what I was taking pictures of.  Whenever he sees a camera he immediately starts saying "cheese!" now.  I told him it was a picture of the baby, but I'm not sure if he understood because he later asked me if the rose bushes were the baby. 

And in case you were curious, or more likely, just bored, here is a picture of me and the new baby together circa 21 weeks.

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