Monday, November 22, 2010

My English-to-Avinash reference guide.

So, the holidays are coming up and we are planning on doing a lot of traveling this year.  Avinash has probably become alot more vocal since you last saw him, so I thought I would provide a little list of his most-common-yet-nearly-impossible-to-decipher phrases. 

I hope this helps!

wawa - water

bapi - Ryan (daddy), most people think he's hispanic and start talking to us in Spanish when they hear him say this

not to be confused with bapas which are potatoes, notably potato chips, or any chips for that matter

Nana and Nani are pretty much interchangeable

teto - cheese tortilla

pitta - pizza or spaghetti, anything with tomato sauce I think

uvas or vas - grapes

ball - balloons, the football game, or tomatoes

EO - monkey, usually his little J&J stuffed monkey which he sleeps with all the time now

dudhu- milk, in a bottle and not a glass!

jus - orange juice, he also knows tea which he isn't supposed to have but somehow has tasted!

uppah- pick me up, help me get over this barrier which is between me and some mischief or put me down so I can run around and do more mischief!

Lala - Elmo, or sesame street which he watches every morning

tos - trucks or buses

nen - again, more

nummies - usually candy or chivra, could also be any food like cucumbers or kale

S T O P, pop! - stop

peas - please, which we are hearing less and less it seems in favor of whining and screaming...sigh

babies - anyone under the age of 12, also refers to my belly and his own belly button

poopoo - either he pooped, is about to go or he farted (or he heard you farting, ha!)

appla - apples or pears

afflay - waffles

cheese! - let me take your picture please!

uhoh - Hmm...I intentionally spilled something all over the ground

soes - help me get my shoes on and take me outside!

Most animals are referred to by the sound they make and not their actual names.  Eg, woo-woof is dog and neow-neow is cat.  Pigs are referred to as lalala (not to be confused with lala), because of his singing pigs book.  He also says choo-choo to mean train or subway, and sometimes buses.

I can't wait to see all our family on the east coast this weekend.  I miss everyone so much!!

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