Sunday, December 19, 2010

We have been busy...

Dancing to Christmas music with Daddy at the Zoo this weekend.

Checking out the botanical gardens in Austin and showing off my rapidly expanding baby bump ~25 weeks.  Can't believe I still have at least 3 more months to go!

And making lots of important phone calls at the hotel to Nana, La-La/Elmo and "babies".  Mostly telling them about seeing a train, playing with other babies and eating nummies.

Taking regular trips to the Children's museum, but sometimes we see more interesting things just on our walk there than inside!

And getting ready for a visit from Grandma this week, then heading back to Pennsylvania for Christmas!!  Avinash has been back to his sweet self and just needs to regain all the weight he lost and start sleeping through the night again.  I think we both still jump whenever we get to close to a dog, but that's okay for now.

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