Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Truly Blessed.

Ryan and I just got back from a 'mini-break' in Hershey PA and I was so reminded of the many things we have to be thankful for.

My dad and brother drove there with us on Sunday so we could see the park and Chocolate World together before dropping us off for the night.  Despite all the dire predictions, there was only a few hours of light snow there.  Just enough to be beautiful. 

We tried to get as much good fair food as we could before retreating from the cold.  We ended up with kettle corn (made in a real kettle!), homemade chips, apple cider punch, fries, and s'mores.  The s'mores were definitely the best part.

We took Avinash for a quick carousel ride and then let him try the balloon kiddie ride (at his own request).

Turned out the ride was for kids only and he kind of freaked out when he realized he was alone.  I think he calmed down after a few seconds, but kept the fake tears coming everytime they ride came round the corner and we came back into his view, ha!

And, thankfully nummies make everything better!

Luckily the chocolate tour was indoors and overall a better experience.  Avi loved everything about it and was so excited to point out the singing cows and all the nummies to his Nanaji.  I love that special bond that he has with my Dad.  Also, at one point he just walked through the chocolate store looking straight up saying 'Wow!" over and over again.

Then it even started snowing as we were leaving. It was so gorgeous.

Avinash took this picture of Ryan trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue.

And quickly learned how to do it himself!

When we were leaving, Ryan and I were bracing for the worst with Avinash.  Amazingly no tantrum was thrown.  He very calmly stayed in the car, eating grapes, chatting with his Nanaji and Anuj.  He even learned to call my brother 'Nooj' Mama this trip.   

I love how comfortable he is with my family.  I love the immense amount of joy that he gets from being with them. 

I love that he runs around and wrestles with my brother all the time.  I love that my brother is genuinely excited to see him all the time and goes out of his way for him. 

I love that he is constantly squealing in delight when he is home and goes back and forth between my parents constantly. 

I love that he knows his grandparents will always take care and goes to them when he is hungry or tired.  Apparently he slept better with them last night than he has all week with Ryan and I (he is too big for his crib now and doesn't have his own bed here). 

I love that when we are in Houston, I always have to call my parents at Avi's request.

I love that when he picks up a calculator or pretend phone, he always says that he is trying to call Nana or Nani.

I love that he demands to look at the picture albums so he can see my family's pictures all the time.  I am not sure if he enjoys pointing out himself or Nana more.   I love that my parents come visit so often and we have tons of pictures of them in the scrapbooks. 

I love that he wants me to show him pictures on the computer as well.  He will also sit and watch slideshows of our family pictures too.

I love that when we go on car rides, Avi always does a roll call and worries about anyone who is missing (Where's Nani??) and then will scan parking lots for any look-a-likes.  It was pretty funny when he called a parking attendant who had a white beard Nana even though my Dad was driving at the time. 

I love that my Dad is always offering me extra portions of pizza, ice cream and whole milk -- for the baby.  I love that my parents always take care of me and my health too. 

I love that my mom will come after working three days straight and make delicious paneer and chile, from scratch, play with Avinash and offer me a back massage! 

I love that my husband planned this spa getaway for me to help me relax.  I love that he will stand up for me against people who try to bring negativity into my life for no reason.
{I also really love the picnic basket he got me to replace the cheapy one I got years ago.  One kings lane, baby!}

I love that Avinash is such a spiritual baby.  He loves doing aarti, can recite a few words (but mostly just hums along to the tune) and says Om whenever he sees a match lit. 

I love that new baby is kicking all the time now and is almost 28 (!) weeks.  It is so exciting to think the baby is likely two pounds and will be here in less than three months!!! 

I love that new baby will also get to travel to Disney World and Disney Land before that time.  So excited to spend time with family in LA again.  I love finding excuses to go out there, this time I didn't really have one but decided to go anyway, ha!

I am just feeling so blessed to have such a wonderful, loving and caring family who takes care of me and my baby!!!  It just means the world to me and I wanted to express it. 

{What can I say, I get a little stir-crazy inside my own head since I haven't scrapped in weeks (gasp!).  Also, sorry about the lack of pictures, I have taken lots lately but will have to wait until I get back to Houston to upload them.}

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