Friday, November 1, 2013

Happy Halloween!

We are obviously obsessed with Halloween around here.  We love it all, dressing up, doing facepaint, getting candy, getting crafty and of course going trick or treating.  This is our first time going trick or treating in our own real neighborhood and we had a blast.

Nandini woke up and asked about trick or treat first thing and immediately wanted out of her wolf jammies and into her mermaid dress.  She kept vacillating between that and her baby owl, but that was covered in chocolate stains from a different day so we didn't change her.

Avinash was not allowed to dress up at school but he brought his knight costume with him in the car anyway. We had some friends come over to trick or treat with us.  The kids were so well behaved, I was flat out shocked given all the candy they had.

Nandini did skip dinner and only wanted candy, but it's one night a year - she'll live. We got so much candy too. I thought they would get tired but the boys kept racing ahead and Nandini would say, "OH! Another one!" each time, like she was totally surprised by each house.

I was super happy because almost everyone was game for facepainting last night.  While I was painting Ryan's face (he requested Nosferatu), Nandini sat down and said "how 'bout me?"  Then proceeded to scrunch up her face with every brush stroke "that tickles Mommy."  But she sat very still and requested lots of yellow and white.  I love her sweetness and that she shares an interest in something that has been a hobby of mine for a long time.  My friend Jahanna let me experiment on her with a dia de los muertos face.  So so happy with how it turned out!! Avi wanted to be a rainbow bird.  I painted my own face as an owl and skipped the headpiece part of my costume.  I didn't really want to paint my face grey so I used yellow instead. 

November is here and I'm still a little sad to see October go.  I know that I will be raiding the kids candy bags for a while though to keep me in the spirit.  Here is a quick round up of our adventures this month.

Trick or Treats: 5
Disney World, Houston Zoo, Sea World, Texas State Museum, Neighborhood

Thriller Dance Parties: only 1, Houston Zoo

Costumes: 12, not bad!
Owls, Max from Where the Wild Things Are, Dracula, Mermaid, Snow White, Knight, Dragon, Monster, Fox, Minnie Mouse, Fish, Cinderella

How was your candy haul?  Anyone else reeling yet at the thought of getting ready for more holidays so soon?

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  1. Wow.u r a super mom!..loved the face painting..

  2. Cute kids! Love the face paint! I'm a little sad to see October go, too! It's one of my favorite times of year!

    I’d love for you to enter my giveaway:
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Oh that's awesome! Nice face paint. Looks great.

    I felt bad because this year, I couldn't take the kids anywhere since I am in the process of moving.

    Visiting from #SITSSHAREFEST

    Keep it Touched,

  4. Your face painting is amazing!! Sounds and looks like you had a wonderful Halloween! :) Evie

  5. Looks like everyone had a great time!

  6. Love LOVE all the face painting. You are SO talented. Our kiddos got quite the haul this year. I'm surprised I've been able to keep the candy eating under control.


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