Sunday, January 25, 2015

Yarn Hangings

When I was eight years old I had this awesome hand loom. It had alternating action and it's own shuttle. I made a few things on it but I could never get my stuff to look right. It was years later before I was Indian weavers at work and learned that you shouldn't pull the thread to tight across so the weavings will lay flat.

By then my little loom was gone and I never went back to it. I of course still knit and crochet. But when I kept seeing these awesome weaving projects popping up on my Instagram feed I knew I had to give it another go. 

There were so many things I never really thought about before. Mixing different textures. Changing yarn gauges mid project. Adding in a splash of glitter or fringe.

I love that these projects are a great use of leftover yarn scraps. This didn't stop me from getting a few new balls of yarn. Like these gold metallic laced white, rainbow colored, and some extra chunky pinks and whites.

I love how these triangles turned out. Plus, I love a good fringe. 

Playing around with abstract patterns is a lot of fun. I love the touch of warmth these add to a rooms decor.

I made quite a few. One for Nandini's room (as soon as I can commit to a hanging up a little hook somewhere).  I put a few in my Etsy shop. A fun and unique handmade treasure. Makes a lovely gift too. 

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  1. Those are cool, I'm loving the colour pallets, especially the last one :)


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