Saturday, August 22, 2015

Week in the Life 2015 | Friday Story

Early start to a long day, but we are all excited about Avi's new school muffin breakfast!  Heehee.  We are motivated by food.  

He is full of excitement.  I am the one who's not ready!  I can't help but feel like I need to spend more time with him.  He did a lot of camp this summer and I thought we had one full week together at home before school started but I got my dates totally mixed up.   It's not that I think the time has disappeared but I am going to miss him being home during the day.  We had a lot of adventures together.  I'm so glad we had that time. But I just wanted a little more.  A little time to connect and talk and slow down.

I'm guess I would feel that way whether he starts in August or the beginning of September.  I know he is going to do great.  He is confident and friendly.  Those two things will take you very far.  I am more worried about me.  I fret that I didn't spend enough time with him.  When I really stop and look at him I realize that he is not all grown up like I imagine him to be, he is still so little.  And I see my baby again.

 He has a few friends from kindergarten in his new school.  Not the same class, but just across the hall.  Glad for that.

 After school, we met up with a friend for breakfast.

Then, it was off to the gym.  When I went to pick him up from child watch afterwards he was sitting and saying "BA!" with great delight to a little girl blowing eating bubbles. 

Jumped right back in the car to pick up Nandini.  She wanted to show me the dominoes at camp.  I showed them reading rainbow the other day and the dominoes scene left quite an impression.  It's so awesome how they love 80s kids shows as much as I do.  

It rained!  It really rained!  Ten whole minutes after a two month dry spell.  Hooray! It's been under a hundred since then at least.

We started calling him a bear long before he took a fancy to this (stuffed) black bear.  He loves to roar.  He is slowly learning animal sounds right now.  He knows bear, lion and T. Rex (roar), and dog (woo'woof).  He says ba a lot but could care less about sheep. 

Ring around the rosie on the other hand is something he can't get enough of.  So far I have only played it with him here at the Nature Center, on this one rug.  He very emphatically requested a round of it today by grabbing onto my hand and pulling himself down.

Very cute attempt at a self-timer shot gone awry.

 He followed two little girls around for a while and copied there magnifying glass poses.

She had to do it too then.  We looked around for Avi a lot before we left but couldn't find him. 

 I love ivy.  Every wall and fence could use more ivy.

When taking pictures I tend to focus on my kids.  It is usually a transition time, like eating a meal or getting ready to go somewhere.  Their faces and little moments in time.

I have been trying to capture other moments as well.  Little moments of beauty around me.

 Seeing these Ewok mini-figs everywhere reminds me of growing up too.  I loved everything Star Wars. No movie, Muppet Babies parody, Ewok cartoon or Christmas special went unwatched by me.

 The Elmo love continues.

Shared snack time is so cute.  It was only a matter of time though before he was standing up, dunking his cheetos in water and then drinking that water.  (It's his first time have cheetos, trying these because puffs are depressingly low in calories and something has to give.)

Nandini and I were playing Mousie Mouse when he needed to be put to bed.  So we went upstairs and jumped on the bed for good measure.

So much joy. 

Ryan brought Avinash home from camp.  He was so excited to show me his new treasures. His counselor gave him a rib bone and he brought it to the trade counter and got all these instead.

Feels good knowing we are raising him to make good decisions.  More than a little relieved that he didn't bring random animal bones.  Which is good because just thinking about it is making me queasy.

I decided we needed a kid free night.  It has been a really long time since we went to dinner by ourselves and I actually asked Ryan for a change.

 This is mushroom.  Yes, and it tastes awesome.

After we got home.  She was saying something really adorable and I thought I would, but I really can't remember it at all.  

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  1. We have been loving Reading Rainbow lately. I somehow missed out on that part of the 80s. Maybe because I was overseas? It's so fun when your kids enjoy reliving your childhood stuff with you!


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