Thursday, August 20, 2015

Week in the Life | Wednesday is here.

Another regular day and still enjoying this project.  The inevitable frustrations of life start to creep at home but the day is a good one over all.  

Morning is here again, all too quickly.  We are out of all the neocate samples and are still going through the daily phone calls to get MedCo to ship his prescription to us.  It's only been a month.   We give him other non-dairy milks but skip the bottle entirely this morning.  He actually does okay with his mini muffins, granola bar and I think I saw him ingest a piece of cucumber. 

 We are eating on and off all morning.  I'm happy to let him graze, I think it's probably easier on his tummy too.

 Playtime is here. In between mini muffins of course.  He doesn't even try to throw the marbles across the floor today.

 Watering time is here.  It is so hot here right now I need to water the plants a little every day.  I probably over watered my succulents and half of them died.  I replaced those with cacti and have yet to see them wither.

 Always looking to get outside.

He pulled this off the shelf and I put it back together.  A little present Avinash made for me at preschool.  I love it so much.  I could fill it up with my own things but I already like what he put inside.

 Exercise is here.  Trying to get stronger.  Trying to stay fit.  But the best part has been getting a group of friends to connect with three times a week.  I never would have had the courage to start lifting weights on my own, but I'm really glad I did.  I have done walking and aerobics and endless classes.  I needed something different.  It is hard at certain moments, but it is not sweating for hours wishing it would end.

 Coffee is here too, because we sit and chat for a few minutes after lifting.

 He is doing so well at child watch here.  He plays, eats snack at the cutest little table, and makes friends.  I love to spy on him when I get the chance!

 Snuggled up and sleeping on my chest when we run to pick up Nandini.  It feels so good to have him so close.

 Nandini is here.  Soaking wet and muddy after camp.  Demanding to make a card because she really wants to do something with the art supplies they have set out. Nandini also wanted to play a game with me but duck duck goose is just hard to do with two people and one baby.
She finally settled on eye spy in the car.

"What is white and you can't see it" 
A cloud? A paper? One of the cars?
"A ghost, because you always can't see ghosts everywhere."  


Here we are, back home. Lakshman is back to snacking on muffins.  We read all the books he wants.  It soon becomes pretty clear he needs a nap and so does she. I make him a bottle of chocolate almond milk.  It's not as much calories as he needs and harder for him to digest, but it's the best I can do.  They both take a long nap and it is glorious.  Nandini convinces her uncle to put on Frozen for her when she wakes up.  HA.

I let them watch while I go pick up Avinash.  He is in good spirits after swimming all day and probably a little worn out. We listen to Harry Potter in the car together.  I think I love it as much as he does.

The playroom is here.  He barreled up the stairs and we followed right after him to play.  

Avi is here, reading alone in his room.  I eventually sit down and read to him for a bit before the baby comes over and won't stop jumping off my lap.  It's pretty hard to read after that.  Luckily Ryan gets home finally. 

Quick walk before dinner to get the mail. The promised extra case of formula is no where to be found of course.  Yes, we are both incredibly frustrated.

Blue apron dinner again.  Fontina grilled cheese sandwiches.  I forgot how good these are dipped in tomato soup.  Turns out the kids far prefer the soup to anything else.  There is more than a little tense words over uneaten dinners and family legos for the night is cancelled.

Someone needs a little bit of extra attention here.  I like watching her play a board game with Ryan, even though I don't offer to join in.  After a full day with them I need some space at night.

My nightly cup of tea is here.  I am waiting for my Cocoa Daisy bow to get here so I have a project to work on at night.

How is your week going?

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