Friday, August 21, 2015

Week in the Life | Thursday Photos

Not a typical morning.  All three kids woke up before dawn.  4 am Avinash, 5am Nandini and 6am Lakshman. 

 Somehow I had no trouble falling back asleep each time after that.  Ryan took care of getting the kids ready for camp completely by himself, thankfully.  Why do my pillows have to be so comfortable?  There was no shortage of chaos this morning.

This kid was not big on my sleeping in idea either.  He did roll around and ask to be tickled while getting his clothes on.

My morning routine is pretty simple.  Kajal and mascara. Trying to remember to brush my hair every morning.  Not kidding. When I'm feeling ambitious I add in the eyeshadow.

 Running errands.  The post office does typography so well.

Feeding therapy.  He eats muffin and a little bit of applesauce off the spoon.  I'm happy and simultaneously worried because that's how my mind works.  What if she wants him to stop therapy now that it's working?  He needs more time!  The therapist of course says nothing of the kind. Because she's normal.  ha.

Therapy ends at 11:45 and camp ends at 12 so I really can't dawdle.  We make it on time.  She is struggling to overcome her shyness there and make new friends but she seems happy when I pick her up.  She proudly reports that she talked to someone today.  It's a work in progress.

 Looking around for beauty and Zilker doesn't disappoint.

A quick check in with Avinash before leaving.  

We met some friends afterwards for a rollerskating play date.  She was so excited to skate like Anna and Elsa at the end of Frozen.  The sight of the real rink was a little more overwhelming than she was expecting though.
I rented a little safety rail to help her but she was still really scared.  Trying new things is not her thing.  At all.  She's a perfectionist for sure.  I wheeled her half way across the rink and my friend Marianne told her, "Wow!!  You are doing amazing!"

Her whole face changed.  She started smiling and declared, "I'm really skating!  I guess I am good at skating!"  She did not want to stop the whole time after that.  I pushed her back and forth for two hours.

It's funny how a kind word from someone she loves can just totally change a situation.  She got over her fears and had a great time.  We talked about how it's okay to fall down because you can just get back up again.  She never let go of the safety rail and she was so proud of herself.  I love it.

I'm so grateful for our friends.  

This bear slept in his carrier most of the afternoon.  He eventually wanted out and then he was off.  He was delighted with the slides. 

I promised Nandini popcorn at home instead of the snack bar.  It's a pretty good substitute for lunch.  Plus Lakshman actually eats it.  

I am not nearly as tired as I thought I would be. I watch a little New Girl on netflix to unwind.  Turns out I missed a lot of the first season. 

 He made me put socks on him.  It was so cute.  He was pantomiming putting socks on until I did.  I think he has realized that wearing shoes or socks helps him avoid too other sensations on his feet.

Giant alien monster cactus at the Nature center.  Something very cool about it. And scary.

Nandini daily points out this spot because apparently they went climbing here?  I do like this mural.

 My favorite tree at home right now. Again.

 He started trying to slide down our precipitously steep driveway and was scooting down it. So cute.

 Lakshman thinks this is Elmo and it's basically the cutest thing ever.  We have a bunch of sesame street books of course, but we mainly only read one called "Guess Who, Elmo".  It really features the other characters playing peekaboo, incluing Cookie Monster.  Other than the cover, Elmo is not even really in that book.

He gets really excited whenever he sees this toy.  "Ew'wo! Ew'wo!!!!"

"His name i' Ew'wo" is a thing he really said.  I laughed so hard.  Why does Elmo have such a power over kids?  It's other worldly.

Dinner was crispy tofu and there were no objections to eating it.   Before bed we did some Star Wars legos and put on Return of the Jedi.  We like to stick to the classics.  So much fun sharing this movie with them.  Nandini loves Yoda and Darth Vader (that last part is supposed to be a secret from me, but I found out.)  HA!

It takes quite a while but I'm really glad I have all this journaling down for the photos.  It is going to make putting this all together so much easier.

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