Wednesday, November 25, 2015

I am thankful for ...

 The grass being so green from all the rain lately.  And crab apple blossoms in the middle of November.

A sense of wonder in this first grader who seems to be growing up all too quickly.

 Random free rock concert from the Plain White Ts at our mall's tree lighting ceremony.  Austin is so cool.

 The lady who put this swing up near the trail.  She is moving soon and I am praying that the new owners leave it up.

 This little bit of woods we can walk to.  It's five minutes long and I love it.  Sometimes there is even a brook.  I feel like I'm in Calvin and Hobbes land.

This baby learning to eat and chew and everything.  He got a pretzel as big as he is and basically charmed the pants off of everyone in the bakery while eating it. 

 Trips to get pie with this girl.  They ran out of my favorite, apple, but she got her chocolate pie and we talked about our upcoming feast(!).  She wants to have ice cream and popsicles tomorrow.

Our almost two year old who learned five new words all in one day yesterday after learning to make and then eat one and a half empanadas at school.  Maybe he can help make dinner tomorrow too?  Apparently it is not too early to put him to work.

I am so thankful for our life full of friends and fun and activities and music and dancing and learning and joy. Now, bring on the mashed potatoes and stuffing!

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