Sunday, November 1, 2015

Trick or Treating!

Trick or treating has everything I really want in an evening - dressing up, taking pictures, being silly together, getting candy, and occasionally getting scared. 

And, if you head out at dusk (which we tend to do, since trick or treating in the dark is not the safest thing with the little ones), the lighting is just perfect. 

My SLR is on the fritz but I did my best with the iphone. 

I love this costume, but I think I went too big with the oversized tuxedo shirt.  Audrey's is more impeccably tailored to herself, than something she just threw on. 

I can't believe she popped her leg.  That is the best.  She wanted to be Elsa, but when I gave her the chance to pick out anything at all from her closet, she picked Snow White.  Which I let her wear to a shopping trip before putting her costume on.  After she got this on, she didn't want to switch back to Elsa after all.  

I'm just glad because I had to buy so many different accessories on Amazon that I didn't want to go to waste.  She got a ton of compliments too!  People were very surprised by the "erudite" choice of Holly Golightly.  

We carried Lakshman most of the way, but every few houses he would get down and grab some candy with great delight.  He was also ecstatic to see all his friends in costume.  He was totally pointing and gesturing at them but I'm not sure they understood. 

All that was left was to head home and to barter for candy with each other.  Mommy and Daddy get dibs.

More details I want to remember:

Nandini was very concerned with getting the big candy bars for her own personal stash.  Avinash too, but Nandini was focused on it.  She sits very quietly now with her tiny pair of scissors and doesn't even ask for my help opening the wrapper anymore.  Clever and focused.   Lakshman on the other hand took one or two licks of everything he could get the next morning and had at least four lollipops opened at once.

Avinash and Nandini singing the trick or treat taunt over and over.  They were delighted with that little ditty and found it very novel and amusing.  I loved hearing them all in unison.

I'm so glad they are still not embarrassed by us yet.  Avinash was very eager though and went to most houses first in the group while we followed up in the rear with Nandini and the baby.

That they were all brave enough to check out the little haunted house in the neighborhood, though Avinash sat out the chainsaw house when I wanted to go through again.

Avinash eagerly and always at the last minute wanting to join our group costume photos.  As Sally Tomato for Breakfast of Tiffany's, with red clothes and a little water pistol.  This led to a lot of contention over the tiny water gun between the two boys.  It's hilarious to me how they compete already and how their preferences come out.  In most of the pictures then Lakshman ended up looking like a gun-toting Fred/Paul instead.

I had the hardest time finding a boy's trench coat for Lakshman and ended up cutting the ruffle off the bottom of a girl's one.

I'm so glad I saw those old school plastic masks at Target and got the idea for a Breakfast at Tiffany's theme in the first place.  I'm also really glad that Ryan independently looked up Fred and dressed accordingly.  It was so cute that he wanted to be involved, even if not in the pictures.

It was also very sweet of K and F to ask me for face paint so excitedly.  I'm not the best but I like doing it anyway.

It was so fun to see Nandini behaving like a social butterfly, just like Avinash always has been, for a change.  She spent time with Katie, Olivia and William and alternately made them hold hands with her while walking in the street.  It's such a relief to me to see that since she can be painfully shy at times.

Hope you had a safe and fun holiday! Who is ready for Christmas stuff everywhere tomorrow?!

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