Thursday, January 21, 2016

Faerie Tea Party at the Zilker Botanical Garden

Austin is a magical place.  And it really tries hard to stay that way.  The Annual Faerie Tea Party at the Zilker Botanical Garden is a case in point.  It is a bit hard to reserve a spot but if you can navigate the website it is totally worth it.  

Last year was our first year going and I will keep taking her as long as she lets me. 

I do her hair, put on her sparkly dress and faerie wings.  I let her dabble in my make up this year.  Blush and a little bit of lipstick.  

At the Botanical Gardens they always have a little craft set up for the kids.  Last year we made flower crowns, this year was bookmarks.  Then the kids have teeny tiny cups of red zinger or juice with two or three big cubes of sugar.  

They get little bits of fruit and a cupcake too. Then a story and hike through the grounds looking for evidence of faeries.  

She is growing up so fast these days.  I don't know how much longer she will believe in Santa and Faeries and all.  But I hope that days like this will help her remember to always believe in magic. 


  1. This has to be the most magical day! Absolutely!

  2. Firstly GORGEOUS photos. She makes such a beautiful fairy. Secondly, you really make me want to move to Austin. I love Austin anyway, but the activities you do are just so fun. We have little things here and there in Dallas, but not nearly as much. So fun.


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