Thursday, March 10, 2016

Around Here | February 2016

We celebrated the Chinese New Year at a friend's birthday party.  It was wonderful treat for us and our kids.  Say what you will about pinterest, but I appreciate a good lavish party a lot - especially if I'm a guest. And, I love parties where it's about families getting together, not just the kids.  We have a strong community and I'm so grateful for it. 

We took Nandini to her first concert (not counting ACL and Southby free events of course, lol).  She loves "Fight Song" and when we heard Rachel Platten was coming to town, we jumped on it.  It was a small venue and it turned out to be great.  She sang her heart out to every song.  

I started doing project life again.  I realized that I have more done of 2015 than I thought as well.  It feels good to start this project again. 

We drove from school to karate and dance a lot and tried to play along the way.

We took hikes around the temple on Sundays while the big kids take Hindi class. 

Playing pokemon, collecting cards for trading and dressing up as pikachu. 

Having way too much fun with Oh Joy's new line for Target.  Pillowfort is catching my eye now too.  It's basically like Land of Nod has materialized in my local Target and I can't get enough!


  1. Awesome pictures! I always love having a peek into your sweet life! Love that heart stool so much! Love! Hope you're doing well :)


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