Friday, March 25, 2016

Mexican Beach Fiesta | Photobooth and Props

A DIY Mexican Beach Fiesta has to have an awesome photo back drop doesn't it?

I had this idea to make it feel like waves on the sand.

I used lots of long strips of crepe paper in blue, white and yellows.  I added one pack of paper lanterns in multi-color hues from Michaels.  I bulked that up with some hand made blue tissue flowers.

I made a really fun set of photo booth props to go with the back drop.  I needed this project to be pretty simple and straightforward as time was winding down to go for the party.  I used sheets of plain white cardstock and cut out the shapes with the Silhouette cameo (or Curio).

You can download this free cut file (from me!) with all these shapes right here.

I was making these props out of paper but I really wanted them to pop.  I used white cardstock for simplicity because I really didn't want to switch out six different sheets of paper in my cameo.  All my shapes came out white and I just watercolored them to the shades I wanted.

I like the hues that I achieved better than most of the cardstock colors that I have anyway.  I used glitter to make the colors stand out even more.  I used a combination of fine and chunky Martha Stewart glitters.  I used pop dots to make the silhouette shape outlines stand out underneath the shapes. Using the outlines added a lot of depth and kept the props from feeling very flat.

I used a lot of beach shapes but I had to add some fun mustaches as well.  I also included a couple of sombreros in the baskets next to the photo back drop.

We put up our seahorse pinata up next to the beachy waves.  I had a photo prop seahorse and a seahorse on the cake table as well, to tie our theme together.

Like many party things I got this pinata off of amazon and it was one of the most beautiful pinatas I have ever seen.  I went to party lane in East Austin and found nothing prettier.  I love the bright colors and how well they matched the paper flowers too. 

I filled it up with two bags of assorted candy and toy pinata fillers. This was more than enough for the 40+ kids at the party.  It was also great for my sanity to have the kids focus on something other than eating candy.  I wasn't sure what to expect but I thought the toys and candy were both really good quality.

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