Friday, July 1, 2016

Around here // June 2016

She // 
is so busy at camp.
wants nothing more than to be sassy. 
is still so shy in the classroom, she only answers when she wants to, which is almost never. 
lets her mom tag along on all her field trips around UT. 

I am running almost every day now.  Luckily there is lots of interesting things to see.  Like this giant spider being paralyzed and carried away by a tarantula hawk. Wow! 

He //
is cuter than cute. 
talks all the time.  He loves to brag.  Like about his snack at school, "I eat lemonon all ... time, I eat crackers all time."
asked for a haircut AND lollipop when he saw Nana.  His wish was granted of course.  I've never seen anyone so joyful over one little lollipop.  He laughed, showed his sister his blue tongue and then laughed some more. 

She //
is technically finished with Whole30, but hasn't stopped just yet.  We decided to keep it going since I'm still losing weight. 
is psyched about feeling healthier.  And having my clothes fit better finally. 
is busy organizing everything that needs to happen when I take Lakshman to Dallas to be in the hospital for a month.  
started keeping a planner as well.  Loving how it keeps me sane when I'm sitting at dance class or something. 

He //
is going crazy with boredom this summer. 
Did two weeks of golf camp, but it clearly wasn't enough. 
is saving up dimes to buy himself his own ipad.  Poor kid. 
finished reading the first book of Harry Potter.  

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