Thursday, March 23, 2017

The most incredible wildflowers you will ever see | Tips for Visiting the California Wildflowers Superbloom

Visiting the California wildflowers right now is a once in a lifetime experience.  As someone who has chased wildflowers every spring across Texas, I can truly say that this is an incredible sight.  

Pack a picnic lunch, or head to a drive thru and go to the mountains.  We drove from Los Angeles out to Lake Elsinore and Anza Borrega Springs.  We visited both in one day comfortably. 

You belong among the wildflowers.  -Tom Petty

The mountain roads leading out of Anza Borrego Springs.  I think I saw the abandoned mechanic shop that was the inspiration for radiator springs on the way too.  

The approach to Lake Elsinore was unbelievable.  See those little patches? 

Yeah, those were everywhere.  This is a very far away shot.  I've never seen anything like it and I've seen the fields at Muleshoe bend before the whole thing got flooded. 

There is a little mountain ravine right off the highway.  You can take the Elsinore exit and drive over to the side and park. 

It was like being in a dream.  The poppy fields are bigger than the poppy fields in the Wizard of Oz.  I mean, those were fake fields for a lavish movie.  And they are dwarfed in comparison to this. 

Nandini was very excited and proud to get a turn with the camera.  Thanks Nandini! 

The giant wildflower fields at Anza Borrega.  These are mostly a type of sunflower. 

I first got the idea to visit the state park after reading this Washington Post article.  We had a trip planned to California for spring break and the timing worked out perfectly for us.  There are lots of different flowers cycling through blooming periods and it is still gorgeous.  

We weren't sure if we could fit it into our trip but I am really glad we did.  The bluebonnets are blooming now in Texas and I am glad for that.  And we do take pictures and go for walks and spend time among the flowers here too.  But, boy did California put on a show.  Thankful I got to see its glorious spring with my family.  

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