Thursday, May 10, 2018

Week in the Life | Wednesday Photos + Tuesday Pages

Free baby yoga class? Do we get a discount because we are fifteen minutes late to a thirty minute class? Lol.  We meet up with Lakshman's friend and drive to the class together.  They barely have the attention span for fifteen minutes, so it works out perfectly! 

Then, I make them check out Terra Toys because it is right next door.  We get coffees and they get to run around.  They both choose squishy toys to get.  

Let's play hide and seek.  I'm camoflauging! Best hiders ever. 

Swimming after lunch.  I love how Lakshman was taking these really big leaps in the water at first.  I would sort of put my arm under him mid-way so he wouldn't completely sink before making it to the other side.  He got a little more tentative after that. He did love throwing the toys off the stairs over and over. 

Bathtime.  Trying to fill up the tub with bubbles, but he doesn't believe me that the epsom salt isn't going to work for that. 

I put on his robe after the bath and he cried when I tried to take it off.  He also cried when I "messed up" his jet.  I think he needs a nap but he doesn't fall asleep until we get in the car. 

Avinash wants to go to the library with us before his dance class. He is looking for the sequel to the book Smile, but ends up sitting with a pile of different chapter books.  Nandini picks out Dam Keeper because she read the beginning with Lisi.  She finishes the entire thing while we are there.  

I am reading some of the Japanese children's books they have and working on translating them.  It is really fun to work on something different than Duolingo I have been doing.  

I also pick up General Relativity for babies.  I read it to Nandini but we still don't really understand Relativity by the end of it. 

Nandini's take on it: "Were they just saying regular words, like blah bluh blee, like that? "

I had to let her check out Apocalypse Meow Meow.  I mean, c'mon. Are you kitten me right meow?

Lakshman finally wakes up and we head out to the coffee shop per Nandini's request. Despite the fact that I brought them snacks in the car, chocolate chip cookies and salt and pepper tofu. 

I let her get an Earl Grey macaron and a pop tart.  Sorry, only two to three treats a day for you. 

There are so many great things to do at Seaholm Plaza while Avinash is at ballet.  We go for weekly Trader Joe's run as well.  A mini watermelon for Lakshman, and some peas and mushrooms for dinner with pasta.  

Tuesday Pages |

Sticking to very simple printed journaling.  I use the traveling typewriter font at about size 7.  I just made 3 inch columns and type out my captions.

Trying to combine my art journaling with my scrapbooking.  Simple 1 inch punched circles and watercolored icons. 

Avinash typed up a little bit about his day.  I was so happy to include his day like this.  

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