Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Week in the Life | Thursday & Friday Pages

Life caught up with me and I completely fell behind in my album.  I was really worried I would have nothing to say about Friday. I didn't blog about it and took very few pictures.  But once I sat down I was somehow able to recall lots of details.  Need to document more at the time of.  Really do.  

This project is vastly simpler for me than it has been in years past.  But I did a little tiny bit of watercolor brush lettering for the day of the week card here. 

Continuing to use snippets of text in a 3x8 page as the main journaling.  On the front I just used chipboard, from the Grow Story Kit, as the icons.  They work well with our trip to the nursery. Lakshman is developing quite the relationship with the chickens there. 

More little conversations recorded. Like one about octopi.  I had to draw a kawaii one of course.  So it only follows that I drew a kawaii lightening bolt for Harry Potter.

I love this little sun die cut peeking out from my text. 

Trying to be real about my day. Maybe I was a little too real. 

Look at my nice husband making dinner.  So lucky. 

And, the best part of the day.  Snuggling and reading and laughing.  I had no pictures, but I typed out the long story and watercolored a strawberry to go with it.  Lakshman watercolored his own strawberry along with me.  He objected to my seed color so I switched to white.  I just don't know how I resisted the urge to add a smiley face to this one. 

Still sleeping? At breakfast? Hungry and tired for sure.  I know I am.  

For Friday's opening card I tried a little bit of calligraphy.  In pencil first so I could fix my flourishes before committing them to ink. 

I struggled getting these words out, but I finally did.  I kept all the text together on one page this time. 

How adorable is that cloud sticky note from Studio Calico?  I added a Kelly Purkey stamp from her solar system collection. 

This gem is one story that I did write down that same thankfully.  After Lakshman and I had this long conversation during our car ride home, I typed it up and emailed it to Ryan so he could see.  

His honest shock at the thought of his future babies taking his toys is so hilarious.  Then he tried to justify it by saying they would like Avinash and Nandini's toys better! The funny thing is they share most of their toys and a lot of his stuff used to be theirs. 

The back of the text is just this gorgeous patterned paper.  It is from a previous December SC kit.  I punched the sentiment out of an Ali Edwards kit journaling card.  It seemed to fit perfectly in my 2.5 inch circle punch.

Nandini's room is a dream for pictures. I don't know why I don't photograph them more up there. I added a chipboard banner and a little wooden starburst.  I like how the embellishments accent the canopy and frame the kids without overwhelming the photo.

My attempt at layering.  Text on a journaling card with washi tape borders. 

The highlight of the day and the reason we got so busy.  Grandma is here!  And the start of a very busy mother's day weekend. 

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