Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Week in the Life | Tuesday Words + Monday Pages

Morning snuggles again.  Delighted to find a tattoo "I love Mom" heart on the back of his shirt.  

Getting ready.  Lipstick for eye shadow because I love this color. 

Trying to take at least one or two intentional photos here.  My outfit for the day. 

Morning cappuccino for me, bumpy cookie for Lakshamn and a Japanese iced coffee for Ryan.  One of our favorite places. 

Oh 37.  My white hairs are multiplying rapidly.  As I take the picture thinking about how old I am getting, my husband tells me I look beautiful.  

In a double gift, my birthday present is blooming.  I took all the lemons off it when I saw the buds and now there are many more flowers on the tree.  Lemon flowers are some of my very favorite things in life.  Not in least part because of their fleeting nature.

Lakshman is with my mom for the day and I just forage for lunch by myself at home today.  Quesadilla made on gluten-free brown rice tortilla. 

My heart starts racing and I need to lay down after this. Not sure why this keeps happening but it started after my huge hemorrhage in December.  Luckily, my mom already has Lakshman and she goes to get the other kids too. 

I finally get up.  Ryan is home and we go to pick up the kids.  I bring along the art set Nandini and I have been talking about working on together. Lakshman makes tons of words and animals again.  

At dinner he says, "Drawing can be my show!" and he takes bites in between writing more words. 

Avinash plays tons of video games, but he does me a huge favor and writes down a note about his day for me.  Definitely is going in the scrapbook.

My Monday pages. 

I did all my journaling on the computer. 

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