Saturday, February 7, 2009

Four Month Birthday

I can't believe our baby is four months old already. I spent all last weekend making up a scrapbook of our family, and there are already so many memorable moments to fill it up with. I thought Ryan might not think much of the scrapbook idea, but he was really into it! I ordered the Sweet Baby kit that I saw here and printed out a bunch of pictures from Target. Ryan was working on his trial all day Saturday, so it was Avi and I pasting pictures together all day. It was so fun showing my handy work to Ryan that night. Luckily Ryan didn't have to work on Sunday so we got to hang out all day. For our Superbowl menu we made deep dish 'Shroom pizza and pear tarts. The pizza was amazing, as it seems impossible to get deep dish outside of Chicago. We used Carla's pastry recipe from Top Chef, but it was really lackluster compared to our old standy-by Ms. Stewart. We had a blast cheering the Steelers on from home and getting updates from the Stadium from my Dad and brother, apparently there is a TV delay. The last quarter was sooo nerve-wracking, but Big Ben actually managed to drive down the field in under two minutes and get it in the endzone. We finally let ourselves cheer once they got the final interception on the Cardinals last play. I couldn't help jumping up and shouting when they won, though apparently my own baby isn't aware of my loud-ness. Haha, hope he gets used to it.

Aside from still having a pretty active startle reflex, Avinash is changing so fast I can hardly keep up. It feels like he is learning some new thing every day.

Still working on these things:
1. Crying when you are tired (rare) or hungry (often).
2. Getting scared by the New Year's Eve fireworks at Disney World.
3. Screaming at the top of your lungs after being startled by your Mom cheering for the Steeler's sixth Superbowl victory.
4. Sinking suspicion that you only understand Spanish.

My favorite things:
1. Going from crying to laughing in one minute after you wake up.
2. Blowing bubbles whenever you see your Naniji or hear her voice on the phone.
3. The look of high concentration when spinning your alphabet wheel all by yourself. 4. Your first giggles when bouncing on my lap this Saturday.
5. Always wanting to stand and jump up and down.
6. Smiling at me whenever I make raspberry sounds with you.
7. Playing airplane with Daddy, which always calms you down.
8. Rolling over both ways.
9. Finally starting to like tummy time, in the process of working out how to crawl.

We are loving watching Avi grow, I think that crawling and solid food are on the way soon too... Happy Four Months Avi!

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