Friday, February 20, 2009

Sadly my husband's Valentine's Day present arrived broken. He had bought me this beautiful Mickey Mouse statue, which we spotted during our last trip to Disney World. We love collecting statues and have a handful of Lladro's now. Mostly Asian ones, like Thai Dancer and Japenese Maiden. We love all of the Hindu Lladro's they sell, as you can probably tell by scrolling down to the bottom of the page. Unfortunately they all remain well out of our price range, even on-line! When we saw this new statue at Disney World we were so impressed by the quality and attention to detail, it really paralleled our current collection.

Now, my poor husband has to try to haggle with the E-bay seller over the damaged merchandise. The statue arrived in a million pieces and there is absolutely no way that it happened en route. It had to be broken before they shipped. Of course they are refusing to take responsibility. I really hate E-bay sometimes.

It was sweet and wonderful of Ryan to get this for us though, and it really is the thought that matters. Even in the midst of trial, studying for the bar and taking care of the baby half the time he remembered to get me a special present. And, all I got him was a couple of boxes of girl scout cookies.

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