Thursday, April 15, 2010

My tiny corner of earth.

Well, technically it's a corner of concrete, not earth since all we have is a patio. But it is very spacious and sunny.

Despite previous gardening misadventures - {RIP PomBaby 2007: we bought you at a street fair, put you in our first apartment in New York City, nursed you through a terrible bug infestation, watched you flower and almost start fruiting, but you did not survive. What about the tiny tomato and herb garden I also tried to grow there? All it ever produced was one tiny perfect tomato. I served it to some friends on pasta at a dinner party. Though it was declared to be a delicious tomato by the lucky diner who ended up with that tomato on her plate, it was an only child} - we are daring to try again, this time on an even bigger scale.

Part of our array of new plants. We got lots of bougainvilleas, pink, white and purple. I hope they spread their vines all over the walls. I have basil growing with the tomatoes and mint in a little pot next to them. The mint is growing amazingly, I put it in a pot about twice the size of the plant and it is almost taking over the entire pot. Looking forward to lots of mint tea this summer! We also have a jasmine plant, daisies and marigolds as well on the other side.

And, could it be! TWO WHOLE BABY TOMATOES! I have officially doubled my fruit growing productivity since last time!

I am missing Ryan and Avinash like crazy while they are off in Pennsylvania/DC. Ryan did another Kudlow interview last night. It was so exciting, he finally launched the top ten Contract ideas. If only congress would actually listen...

This is them last Sunday. (The cuddling only lasted about two minutes before Avinash got restless, heh.)
And, the ducklings Avinash kept trying to chase when we went for a walk last Saturday afternoon. My little duckling loves ducklings too!

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