Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Layout.

Avinash has definite interests and likes that are growing more and more each day. I wanted to create a list to record them all.

The list includes:

chocolate - normally Avinash is very hesitant to eat something we offer him, but if he notices that it looks rich and chocolatey his mouth dramatically opens

cookies, cakes - ditto above

being in Mommy and Daddy's arms

playing outside - he is always thrilled to put on his shoes because he knows that means he will be going outside to play, he even loves just playing on the balcony

dancing, especially tap - usually the slightest hint of music is enough to get his feet going

chickpeas - one nutritious food that he willingly pops in his mouth (for now)
pancakes - especially if he can dip them, syrup or ketchup will do


helicopters, planes - he has eagle ears for the sound of any jet or helicopter engine, then he has to immediately find it and point it out to us

birds - he especially loves it when one lands in the patios

chasing bunnies - who doesn't love that?

seeing dogs (but not touching them)

itsy bitsy spider performances - early and often!

cowboy hats

riding horses

surprises, like peek-a-boo

keys, metallic or computer

pushing elevator buttons, especially the fire button

climbing things

steering wheels

parachutes or scarves
stirring pots and pans

reading books

playing in water

singing and clapping 'jai jai'

giving kisses - the absolute best thing in the world is a big fat baby kiss!

There you have, the list of Avinash's favorites.

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