Saturday, July 3, 2010

More dancing baby please.

I had to share another video of Avinash's awesome dancing skills. It mostly consists of twirling and trying to grab onto any girl's hand. He also likes it when I spin him and his cousin Lily around in a circle, until we throw up. Well, almost. But if I kept going as long as he wants me to I'm pretty sure we would. Last night we had an impromptu baby dance party when a couple of friends came over for dinner. Avinash would not stop twirling; when he was about to fall over and lose his balance he would just scrunch his face up in concentration and twirl faster. So hilarious. The only thing he stops for is applause, so he can join in the clapping.

This video is from the Sangeet night. Somewhere in the middle of the 25 performances. Most of which were overshadowed by the dancing baby performances, in my opinion anyway. At one point he and Lily did manage to sneek away without us seeing and start playing in the fountain outside. Ahhh, good times.

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