Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th of July!

Ever since the three day torrential downpour stopped we have been trying to survive the heat.

When I asked Avinash to find his hat, he not only did just that but he even put it on and kept it on for our walk. Trust me, that is shocking.

We went to play frisbee in the park with some friends on Saturday and were drenched in sweat after 30 minutes. Luckily they have a pool in their apartment so we all went swimming after. Avinash did pretty well on the first two steps of the pool but couldn't keep his head up on the third step. He did try it a couple of times, luckily we were right behind him to pick him back up.

For the fourth itself we stayed home and made chole bhatura from scratch. It was so soo good. I was so apprehensive because the dough did not appear to rise at all and I am not an expert fryer, but it came out perfectly. We seem to be continuing our unhealthy eating streak but at least it was home cooked. I have to share the recipe sometime. And for my doctor-not-recommended chole.

We had no clue where a good spot to see the fireworks would be, but figured we would check out the hill at Miller Theater. We were totally shocked by the enormous crowd we found blanketing that whole area of the park and all surrounding areas including the science museum, the main street fountains and Houston statue.

We found a spot on the hill but spent the next hour wondering where and when the fireworks were coming. Eventually we decided to walk around and maybe head home. The symphony was still playing but we were not sure if we would even be able to see the fireworks anyway.

Well, we saw them! From the edge of the rose garden as we headed towards home. The view was fantastic and we had managed to avoid the crowds!

Avinash pointed and said 'whoa' after a few explosions, but seemed mostly non-nonplussed.

We tried a trip to the Zoo today, but couldn't leave the house until 5:30. Avinash was still all red and tired afterwards.

The giraffes were the most active animals today. We got to see them right at the edge of the fence.

Nothing beats a great slide. Avinash was afraid to go down facing forwards and kept flipping onto his back. He even scooted himself across the bridge on his belly!

Monkeying around on the seal.

On a side note: Avinash will not go to sleep in his crib anymore. He is almost tall enough to vault himself out of there. Ryan and I are taking turns now lying with him on the guest bed trying to get him to fall asleep and stay asleep.

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